Horse Betting Tips

Be selective! don't bet on anything or everything.

The Horse Race Betting Guide will help you to get all the information you need to make a wise decision when it comes to choose the right online Racebook, there are multiple options out there but it takes time and research to find the most suitable and honest option.

Masterize your Horse Betting techniques and make your profit grow this coming season, plenty of events to choose from like the Kentucky Derby Odds and wagering options to pick in order to achieve your wagering goals.

When betting straight, Always cover your bet, Example: $5.00 Win $15.00 Show if the odds are high enough to break even if horse shows or play Win / Place, Place / Show getting back something is better then nothing.

If a horse is heavily backed just a few minutes before the start of the race and his odds are sharply reduced, bet on it. This is a strong indication that somebody has reliable favorable information about the horse that nobody else is aware of.

The horses to look out for in Lightweights Handicap Races are those whose overall form shows that they are capable of winning, regardless of the class of race in which they compete.

Two or more wins in the form shown in newspapers are often indication of a possible big win by a low weight. An added bonus is they usually start at big prices.

When making selections, always give preference to a horse that ran recently. A horse that has not raced for several weeks may have suffered some setbacks like an injury or an illness. No matter how good his form was if it is not recent, chances are the horse will not win. Give an extra point to an experienced jockey on longer distance races (over a mile). A jockey's ability assumes greater importance as the distance increases.

In general Apprentices are capable to break a horse fast, which is very good in sprint races, and the majority of their wins are usually accomplished under such circumstances. However, in route races (distance of longer than 1-1/8 miles) Apprentices usually do not fare as well. This is not necessarily because they are lacking in basic ability, because they are lacking in the experience needed to properly gauge the pace of a race. An experienced jockey can enable a front-running sprinter to perform as well in route races.

It is best not to replay your winnings, at least not immediately. If you want to be in control, you must put back in your pocket some or most of what you have won.

Do your homework before signing up to an online sportsbook.

Four important things you should look for in a sportsbook:

1. Are they members of a known Gambling Association?

2. How quick do they pay out?

3. How accessible is their customer service?

Horse Betting Strategies

Win: At odds of 2-1 or higher, bet to win.

Place: At odds below 2-1, bet to place, but not to show.

Underlay: An underlay is a overbet horse. NEVER BET ON UNDERLAYS!!

Overlay: Odds higher than they should be, based on horse's chances of winning. Basically an overlay is an under bet horse. ALWAYS BET ON OVERLAYS YOU THINK HAVE A GOOD CHANCE TO WIN!!


Anytime you like an overlay and and underlay or a good-price horse and low-price horse in the same race, bet the overlay

Three Do's and Don'ts in Exacta Betting.

The important point about Exacta wagering (betting horses will finish one-two in the exact order you bet them) is to use positive strategies that will pay off better the more frequently you play.

The Don'ts

1. Don't bet favorites below 2-1 on top.

2. Don't box pairs of ling shots, which means horses at 11-1 or higher. Instead bet both horses to win.

3. Don't bet baseballs, taking 3 horses and betting every possible combination to come one-two, total of 6 combinations.


If you bet a low-price favorite on top, do not use the second and third betting choices on the bottom.

The Do's

1. Do bet the favorites on the bottom.

2. Do box pairs of medium-priced horses, such as 8-1 with 6-6.

3. Do bet long shots on top of favorites, but also bet on the long shot to win.

4. Do make sure you have a two to one ratio with the of what picks your are using.

How to Wager on My Selections

If odds are 5/2, 3-1, 7/2, 4-1, 9/2, 5-1, and 6-1, wager to WIN and PLACE. For every WIN unit ($1 bet) bet three units to place. ~~~ NO SHOW WAGERS ~~~

If odds are 7-1, 8-1, 9-1, 10-1, 11-1 and 12-1, wager to WIN, PLACE and SHOW.

For every WIN unit wager three place units and three show units.

When odds are 13-1 and higher wager two units to place and five units to show for every win unit bet.

Triple Crown Horse Gambling Tips

Watch for hot jockeys or trainers who are doing particularly well. A hot jockey sometimes will get the choice of top mounts, and a rider usually will go with the horse most likely to win. Check the standings in the Official Program.

Notice how jockeys and trainers pair up. Some trainers will invariably use a certain jockey when they have promising runners. Look for the favorite jockey IN THE RACE NOT AT THE TRACK.

Keep in mind the the best Trainer, Jockey, Horse often do not win. You need to watch out for the back door horse and that is where I come in to help you find those horses.

Barn changes should be considered. A claimer moving from a modest stable to a successful one will be worth consideration. Horses often will respond to the change in surroundings, and other factors - such as a change in feeding or in horse-shoeing - may result in a rapid turnaround.

Give preference to winners. Choose a horse that has won before.

Avoid betting on a horse that has just moved up in class.

Look for value odds as much as likely winners. If you keep looking for them, you will learn to spot them fairly quickly.

Look for a horse that has a fair chance of winning and is not overly backed.

This is usually a good value bet in the long run. On odds of say, 9/1, you need to win once in nine attempts to break even. Anything more is net profit.

When the track is slow or heavy, give preference to fast starters. Slow, muddy and heavy track conditions usually favor the horse that takes an early lead.

A straight bet is simple, manageable and not too difficult to win. Play it but always weigh up the odds. Avoid favorites and long shots (shippers) too.

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